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Favourite albums of 2014 so far


Last Lines  |  Xandria discography

Happy birthday to two metal queens - Doro Pesch and Dianne Van Giersbergen!

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>> The Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 <<

-- Sacrificium | XANDRIA

Today on my symphonic metal blog I did an unboxing of the Earbook edition of Epica’s The Quantum Enigma and the box set of Xandria’s Sacrificium. So if you fancy seeing inside the packaging for those albums, do take a look!



Xandria’s new music video: Nightfall.

Xandria - Sacrificium album samples



I didn’t see it in the tag with a quick look, but you can listen to samples of Xandria’s new album Sacrificium here. It sounds amazing imho I’m preferring this way more to NE (but it’s no secret that I’m very very lukewarm about NE so) so I can’t wait to actually listen to it.

It sounds good! :)

They have a song called Stardust too? We already had that title from Amaranthe and Delain :P


Eversleeping (Xandria) & Memories (Within Temptation)

"Song I wrote for XANDRIA. I still want to have the castle from the clip (and a dozen employees to clean it for me, so I don’t have to). Random fact: Within Temptation’s beautiful clip for “Memories” was shot at the same place some months later.”

Lisa Middelhauve (former Xandria singer)