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Sirenia - Ailyn @ Masters of Rock 2012


Sirenia - Ailyn @ Masters of Rock 2012

My most listened albums of the past 6 months - last.fm

Symphonic metal artwork

Symphonic Metal - An A-Z of Epic Songs - Playlist - Part II

Symphonic Metal in Languages from Around the World Playlist

I made this at the weekend - some of my favourite symphonic metal songs in languages other than English, in a short album-length Spotify playlist. 


Here’s the tracklist:

1. Nightwish - Taikatalvi (Winter Magic) - Finnish
2. Leaves’ Eyes - Kråkevisa (The Crow Song) - Norwegian
3. Sirenia - Oscura Realidad (Dark Reality) - Spanish
4. Stream of Passion - Nadie Lo Ve (Nobody Sees It) - Spanish
5. Lyriel - Wenn Die Engel Fallen (When The Angels Fall) - German
6. Epica - Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) - Latin
7. Nightwish - Kuolema Tekee Taitalejan (Death Makes an Artist) - Finnish
8. Versailles - Aristocrat’s Symphony - Japanese 
9. Tarja - Mystique Voyage (Mystic Journey) - Spanish/Finnish/English
10. Sirenia - Stille Kom Døden (Silent Comes Death) - Norwegian

New picture of Ailyn from the Perils of the Deep Blue photoshoot by Tom Knudsen


Top 11 Albums of 2013 —-> Number 7

Sirenia - Perils of the Deep Blue "Life is a tragic masquerade, A bitter serenade, a feeble parade. Life is the funeral of dreams, There is no way to redeem All we lost in this scene. Life is just a funeral march Grievance and despair at large."

This is the best this band has sounded since At Sixes and Sevens, and there’s so many incredibly rich songs here.  On top of that, Ailyn’s vocals have definitely improved (though they were great before).

Top songs: My Destiny Coming To Pass, The Funeral March, Profound Scars, A Blizzard is Storming

My top CDs of 2013! What are yours?

Vote for the Nuclear Blast album of the year! From the symphonic metal corner it includes Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime, Epica - Retrospect, ReVamp - Wild Card and Sirenia - Perils of the Deep Blue


Ailyn at the MFVF 2013 by © Tim Tronckoe


Ailyn at the MFVF 2013 by © Tim Tronckoe